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White Label Wifi Marketing

Earn recurring revenue with plug and play wifi marketing for your digital marketing agency.

"White Label Wifi Marketing helped our firm stand out from others in the industry. The additional recurring revenue helped us grow 10x."

- David (Online Digital Marketer and Web designer)

What is Wifi Marketing?

Wifi Marketing turns guest wifi into an automated marketing tool. With our plug and play white label wifi marketing. A simple 5 minute setup with no technical knowledge required will turn wifi from a business expense to a profit generator. 

Step 1

Plug Access Point in

Less than 5 Minute Setup.
No I.T. or Tech experience required.

Step 2

Offer Free Wifi

Free wifi in exchange for contact info or social media engagement.

Step 3

Collect Data

Gain interesting and insightful insights on  your most valuable customers.

Step 4

Engage Your Customers

Send automated marketing messages with set it and forget it marketing.

Why White Label?

Gazella's White Label Wifi Marketing allows you to create your very own wifi marketing business. Your business and brand is front and center. You determine your own pricing, terms, domains, customizations, and more!

What's Included:

Your Own Domain:

Send customers to your unqiue domain to login to view their dashboard, create automated marketing, and view wifi status.

Custom Dashboard:

Your customers will see your logo and brand when logging onto the dashboard. (At your own domain). Never a mention of Gazella Wifi.

Marketing Materials:

We'll provide you with our Wifi Marketing "Playbook" and digital marketing materials to kickstart your white label wifi and get your earning recurring revenue in no time at all.

Recurring Revenue:

Charge your customers what you wish. Then sit back and enjoy recurring revenues each month!

Splash Pages:

White labeled splash pages also have your unique domain and can be easily customized to advertise even more of your brand. Get maximum exposure for your digital marketing agency.