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The Essentials Of Restaurant Marketing

There may not be a finish line, but there is certainly a race to be won. Competition is fierce in the restaurant business, so what you choose to spend your time on is critical. Learn more about the 5 essential components of restaurant marketing: a great website, social media participation, content marketing, word of mouth, and wifi technology.


Why Wifi Restaurant Marketing Increases Sales

Adopting a new technology comes with its doubts and risks, but the advent of wifi technology has become commonplace in the restaurant industry. We use it without much thought—not realizing that there is a goldmine to be had simply by adopting it as a marketing tool. Learn more about the ways that wifi can be used to improve profits.


Why Social Wifi Marketing Is Effective

The fact of the matter is your restaurant needs repeat customers. And, the only way to build that kind of loyalty is through engagement. People are inundated with unwanted emails, overloaded with dining choices, and overwhelmed by advertising. Social Wifi connects with your customers on their level, in their time, and with powerful effects.


How To Automate Your Restaurant Marketing

Marketing doesn’t have to be dull and repetitive. Nor does it require constant promotions that kill restaurant profits. By using wifi marketing restaurants can become a place that customers want to return to again and again. Take the guessing game out of restaurant marketing plans and learn more about how Wi-Fi can be used to automate your messages.


5 Ways To Deliver Engagement That Brings A Return

So, you’ve got your customers social accounts and email. What do you do with it? Learning the best ways to drive sales through engagement with now willing customers will ensure that you not only bring them back, but make them feel part of the family. Engaging is not necessarily promoting, either. Consider the idea of persuasive conversations as your ideal campaign.


3 Steps To Building Customer Loyalty

Remember when we said promotion is not always the answer, but rather persuasive conversations? Delivering engagement techniques are the first step in building a loyal fan base. The next step is building a rapport that keeps them coming back again and again. Learn how you can build customer loyalty beyond just engagement in three easy steps.


7 Ways To Bring Customers Back Again

It may seem that once loyal, always loyal would be the motto of choice. But, unfortunately, people today don’t give their loyalty for free. It’s time to develop a rewards-based system that keeps targeting your customer well after they’ve pledged their allegiance to your restaurant. Learn 7 ways to bring customers back again that are actionable and measurable.


How You Can Get Started With Wifi Marketing

Now that you’re prepared, convinced and excited about this groundbreaking opportunity to engage with customers using trending technology, it’s time to bite the bullet and set up your restaurant wifi to become a marketing machine. We take you through the 3 easy steps to getting started with Wifi marketing.


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